Scharnick & Blair

GEORGE BLAIR “HIDDEN IMAGES”. This exhibition is collaboration between painter Cedric Wentworth and photographer George Y. Blair. Beginning with oil-on-canvas paintings performed by Wentworth, Blair, the engineer turned fine art photographer, has produced micro-vignettes and turned them into powerful monuments of abstract expressionist art.

The digital images produced by Blair, are the culmination of a more than sixty-year artistic love affair with post-war Bay Area art. It was not until several decades later that Blair began collecting many of the works by artists that he had admired. Blair’s deep personal experience with abstract art, combined with the technical eye of an engineer, are key ingredients in the constructs offered within this exhibition.


DUSTIN SCHARNICK “MISTAKEN CREDENCE”. In this exhibition Scharnick’s paintings are a way for him to “embrace chance and chaos”. He has started to incorporate materials not typically used for paintings but in more of an industrial capacity like asphalt, aluminum sealant, and plaster.

His paintings are completed by using a variety of methods of applying paint and other materials as well as subtracting those materials. When subtracting layers he washes paint away allowing the paint to flow, as it wants taking away control. A form of chaos used to create these paintings was by painting on a separate canvas and washing paint from it and to allow the debris to land onto another painting. Everything that is produced from this process, except the color, is completely by chance. The results are works influenced by the great Abstract Expressionists, the Existentialists and the Modernists.


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