Ronald Dzerigian

Ronald Lawrence Dzerigian was born in the city of Fresno, California, to a family of teachers, farmers, and artists on September 11, 1976. He is a proud by-product of the small towns and rural immediacy of the great Central Valley. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from California State University Fresno, in 2002, he left by train to work a variety of odd/edifying jobs, in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, up until late 2012 when he decided to relocate to Fresno. The year 2014 finds Ronald writing every day, comfortable as a thirty-eight year old porch-sitter who understands the pleasures of the mundane.

His artwork has been exhibited in several galleries, museums, and venues in New York and California… he also received the C.G. Hanzicek Fellowship and the Academy of American Poets’ Ernesto Trejo Memorial Prize in 2014. A limited run of his chapbook, The Winning Hand Never Loses, was made available in 2012 from Hide and Seek Gallery.