Maxine Olson

1821 Gallery & Studios will be exhibiting the work of MAXINE OLSON February 21– March 31. The show is titled It’s All About Sex and explores human sexuality and relationships, along with social commentary, in a series of 9 oil paintings. In her artist statement Olson says, “From the very beginning, human nature in all its stages has been the basis for creating my work. People’s attitudes, biases, prejudices and the way they look, act and feel, both culturally, spiritually, and sexually have provided the content for my paintings, drawings and digital prints, but also in the process, enabled me to reconcile the contradictory and often opposing forces that have shaped my life. In the final analysis, it’s not always where the artist lives that’s so important, but what we observe and bring from our life journey and human experiences.

Olson’s paintings have a lush and magical feel. They seem to be telling stories. “The Portuguese influences mixed with Anglo and Old Masters. Olson says. “The satyrs in ‘The Visitation’ are from Rubens, and they have a real mythological look. They also look a little naughty with twinkles in their eyes and a girl lying prone on the bed in the background, giving the piece a Bacchanalian tinge straight out of Rubens. The painting “deals with issues of fear, innocence, cunning and dominance, “Olson says. Maxine Olson is a Kingsburg, CA resident and pillar of the Fresno Metropolitan area art community.