Kit Colman

“Art reveals truth and changes the way you look at the world.”

                    -T.M. Raymond

I returned to my childhood home in Woodside a few years ago after 24 years in Texas. I wanted to reflect in my paintings my rediscovery of the landscape in which I grew up.  Journeying from my small cottage in the hills, I wanted to see this land as if for the first time, to appreciate what was in front of me without knowing what was ahead– dead branches, brambles and all.  While Woodside and the Bay Area are known for their grand vistas, I became enthralled with the paths and details that lined the trails leading to these sweeps and views.  With these paintings, I tried to see the beauty within the beauty, the parts one tends to take for granted, the sometimes coarse and imperfect perfection caught in different light and climate.  Out in our hills it is simply the play of light coupled with changes in the weather, sunshine, fog and rain, which can pull me into a vortex of mood and mystery.  I am home and yet these paintings mark the space in which my journey has just begun.

Kit Colman is a sculptor and painter, who lives, paints, and teaches in the Woodside hills. She holds a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland (now called CCA) and was in the Masters program at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth. She shares a studio with her mother, Ann Hogle, a Bay Area figurative and landscape painter.