Keith Lindberg

1821 Gallery & Studios is thrilled to have internationally known and accomplished Carmel artist Keith Lindberg exhibiting January 3 – February 16.

It is hard to classify Lindberg’s style. He has trouble describing it. He came out of art school painting abstract because it was the 1950’s and that’s what was happening, but when he came to Carmel in the 60’s he started painting what appealed to him. It took years to hone his craft, but eventually he developed his own distinct style- -a colorful contemporary combination of abstract and impressionism. His paintings are full of broad strokes and bold, bright colors. He’s been called “swashbuckler with paint”. Lindberg explains, “I’m always working on total format, the balance of color ad value: the proportion of it, the clarity of how it comes together, how one color meets another and where the value change takes place. I never really solve it, but I try.” Lindberg’s paintings explode with color and energy.

Lindberg’s show opens for Art Hop January 3rd. 5-8PM