Ivana Minafra

French artist Ivana Minafra is returning to 1821 Gallery & Studios for her second show as a featured artist. Profondeurs is the title of the new show. Minafra was born in Genoa, Italy and has been living and working in Bar le Duc, France since 2003. She has been painting for 25 years. A friendship with local artist Leslie Batty and Batty’s association with 1821 Gallery & Studios resulted in Minafra’s successful 2016 show, Traces of California.

Ivana describes her process and the meaning of this show; Every human being is an evolving process. Artists emphasize this truth and make it visible. I’ve been painting for 25 years. Since always the light has been the centre of my art-searching. The power of light to reveal the hidden beauty. To transform the ordinary into the extraordinary – Pure alchemy.

Our boring daily journey by car, the road we ride on may become a moment of bliss. Zen culture and meditation, which have been part of my life since a long time have probably shaped my art-making too, helping me to be more synthetic and vivid, to substrate rather than add.

Since my beginnings urban landscape has been a recurring presence in my paintings. For the first time in this second solo exhibition at 1821 Gallery natural landscape makes its appearance in some of my paintings. White paths in Northern France thick woods. Walking in the woods being more and more important in my everyday life, I expected they would be part of my inspiration sooner or later.

It has become for me what going to church is for the faithful. It’s prayer.

After painting these scenes I realized that they had an fundamental element in common with my urban views: emphasized perspective. Hence the title of my show, “Profondeurs”, French word for “Depths”. When I paint I explore, my palette, my subjects often change. They make circles, disappearing and then coming back, following my moods and soothing my mind.

We live in a world of standardization and specialization. We don’t have time, we never stop to breath and the art-system is not immune to this virus of labeling and bar-coding everything. Quickly. The quickest an artist is recognizable the best. A few seconds on social media. In my case it might take a bit longer. Hopefully my fingerprints are in my style, in my gesture painting which is always the same, whether I paint a parking lot in LA or a white path in French woods. I need to be free to wander in my inspiration. Art making is for me an act of love, nothing I can plan or calculate. Every single time. No labels, no limits.

We look forward to sharing with you the beautiful works of Ivana Minafra.