Holly Downing

1821 Studio is proud to announce the showing of Holly Downing’s Paintings in Praise of Cultural Diversity. This sophisticated body of work will be exhibited November 7th to December 24th 2019, and opening, November 7th for Art Hop, 5:00-8:00pm.

Holly Downing is a painter and printmaker who has been making mezzotint engravings since the 1970s. She studied painting and printmaking at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Royal College of Art, London. She lived in the UK for 6 years where she received a National Endowment to research and make mezzotints. Aside from her sophisticated education, Her paintings and mezzotints have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in London, Edinburgh, Manila, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz and Berkeley. Her work can be found in various museum collections. This includes The Library of Congress, New York Public Library, as well as a multitude of other esteemed museums.

What makes Downing’s passageway and textile pieces so unique, is the sacred meaning behind each and every one, as well as the inspiration that drove Downing to create. Downing aims for her passageway and arch paintings to embody the realm of the “liminal”, which is derived from the Latin “limen”, meaning “threshold”. Anthropologist Victor Turner describes the liminal as a transitional quality essential to all rites of passage. It is the state in-between, without a fixed identity, but with openness and ambiguity.

Please join us for this exciting exhibition opening night for Art Hop, November 7th 5:00-8:00pm.