Gordon Senior & Eleanor Wood


1821 Gallery & Studios is pleased to welcome back Gordon Senior and Eleanor Wood. Their new exhibition “Silent Journeys: Sculpture and Works on Paper will run March 1- April 8, 2017.

The major themes running through Gordon Senior’s sculptures identify frozen moments in time, significant pauses in the migratory passage and the wild or domesticated grasses and grains that have become part of our staple diet. These are explored through various contrasting materials such as wood, alabaster, cast plaster, laminated plywood and bronze. His drawings contain differing images of nature. Senior uses collected earth to stain the paper in these works and then superimposes the printed image, drawing or watercolor.

Where Gordon Senior’s work deals with specific places Eleanor Wood’s work is abstract. Works in this exhibition are on paper and the working procedure is obsessive. The paper is being worked initially from the back and then built up in layers underneath the face of the work. When working on the “underneath” layers she is planning for, and thinking about, how the concluding image on the surface will eventually be. The first thing, and usually the only thing visible, not only exist but are essential. You see one thing but other hidden layers exist. This relates to the history of the work and to notions of time and sequence.” We live in a world where screens dominate almost everything, and are becoming unaccustomed to looking beneath for evidence of what existed before” Woods said.

Gordon Senior and Eleanor Wood are two British artists who have been living in the Central Valley since 2002, spending some time each year at their home in the UK. Senior is a professor at CSU Stanislaus and was the Art Department Chair for eight years. Eleanor Wood recently exhibited in the London Group Open Exhibition where she was a prizewinner. They will be moving back to England permanently at the end of the school year so this may be the last opportunity to view their outstanding art.

This exhibition runs March 1- April 8, 2017. There will be an artist reception Friday March 10, 5-8 PM. Senior & Wood will attend Art Hop March 3rd and April 6th, and look forward to discussing their work during and Artist Discussion at 7 PM during both Art Hop dates.