Dustin Scharnick

Dustin Scharnick was born and raised in Fresno, CA. He graduated from California State University, Fresno with a BA in 2004, and MA in 2006. He then taught at Fresno City College for three years. His graduate thesis titled “Misspent Clarity” broke new ground for him as an artist, by exploring abstraction and connecting it to his personal experiences. His follow up exhibition titled “Different Strokes in 2011 combined his abstract style with his passion of figurative painting.

Life struggles derailed Dustin from his art career for several years, but in 2015 he has reclaimed his passion for painting and is currently working full time as an artist.  He continued his exploration of abstract painting with a new series titled “Changes” in 2015, and “Am I Talking to Myself” in 2016. His newest body of work titled “Mistaken Credence” is set to exhibit at 1821 Gallery in Fresno California in June 2016.

STATEMENT: In constant exploration, my work moves in different directions, embracing variety of style and content. While my work is primarily abstract, the foundations are born out of autobiographical themes and draw on personal emotional consciousness and unconsciousness. For my work the use of abstraction is a symbol for the mind and how  complex and chaotic it functions, it also reflects the unknown, the part of life that we as humans cannot comprehend. Chance and control in the process of painting, and how it relates to human experience of the same chance and control, has become increasingly important in my work.


“Mistaken Credence” Solo Show at 1821 Gallery in Fresno, CA. June 2016.

“Changes” Solo Show at M Street Art Complex in Fresno, CA May 2015.

“Different Strokes” Two Person exhibition at Jewel Gallery in Fresno, CA. November 2011.

“Centralism 2” Group Show at Gallery 25 in Fresno, CA. June 2010.

“Art Faculty Biennial” Faculty Show at Art Space Gallery Fresno City College in Fresno, CA. September 2009.

“Misspent Clarity” Graduate Solo Show at Conley Gallery California State University Fresno. February 2006.

“Resurgence” Residency Group Show at Fresno Metropolitan Museum in Fresno, CA. May 2004.