California Contemporary Art Collective

The artists of California Contemporary Art Collective will present an exhibit at Fresno’s premier downtown art space. Original art work developed around the theme of the annual summer solstice has been developed over the past year by Fresno artists Donnalee Dunne, Juliana Harris, Linda Koch, Trude McDermott, Anne Scheid, Joan Sharma and Robert Weibel. 1821 Gallery & Studios in the Cultural Arts District, will present CCAC’s most recent work in an exhibition titled, “Summer Solstice: The Longest Light”. Each of the seven artists has approached the theme celebrating the summer solstice following their specific approach as artists. This year the summer solstice falls on Saturday, June 21st. 1821 Gallery and the seven artists of CCAC will host a reception and the opportunity for each of the artists to talk about the work included in this exhibition. Their conversations will begin shortly after 4:00 p.m.