Bibi Bielat

Bibi Bielat

On The Horizon

Artist Statement


I am committed to the process of painting without undue emphasis on the outcome. I enjoy the uncertainty of exploring textural materials and decay. Painting for me is about being in the present moment. There is no rush. My work is heavily layered and textured and invites the viewer to engage with it for its tactile as well as its visual qualities.


It is process art. I do my best to determine the outcome, I manipulate the paint and the oxidation acids but ultimately it is nature’s influence such as temperature, moisture, and light that dictate the end result. I layer copper over iron, bronze over copper, and every possible combination there in. Many layers over layers, I add the acids to create the rust or patina in between layers. Not only does the oxidation affect the top layer but the bottom layer will continue to corrode upwards. As an artist I can set a composition, guide the paint and acids to process in a particular manner but the absolute outcome is determined by nature.


On The Horizon is a unique perspective of the separation of earth and sky in iron, copper and bronze. The series of abstract seascapes from the serene to the thunderous is inspired by Big Sur and the Central California Coastline.