Aileen Imperatrice

Aileen Imperatrice has always shown an interest in art, creating work as a child from whatever materials she could find.  As she grew, she sought out art classes and continued her focus through her study at California State University, Fresno.  Graduating with a B.A. in Art/Design, Aileen created and sold her own artwork during the 1990’s while also employed by The Fresno Bee newspaper.  Her involvement in the artistic community led to increasing opportunities to exhibit and sell her work.  As the request for her art became greater, Aileen made the decision to resign her position with The Fresno Bee and become a professional fine artist.


Since 1999, Aileen has exhibited work in galleries and sold to collectors.  During 2005, Aileen’s work took a decidedly more personal turn and has allowed the public to become familiar with her life experiences.  Aileen’s art is symbolic and introspective.  Her most recent works have been in series reflecting on memories, transitions and rituals.  Aileen’s work has been featured on magazine, newspaper and program covers, been selected to represent events, showcased on tv and film and sought after through commissions.  Aileen has also been featured in several articles in newspapers and magazines in print and online, as well as interviewed on several radio programs.  Her work has been part of special event exhibitions at the Fresno Art Museum, exhibited solo with the Fresno Philharmonic concerts at the William Saroyan Theater and had other prominent solo exhibitions at the Fresno Pacific Towers Luxury Lofts, Downtown Fresno Broadway Studios, the Community Media Access Collaborative Studios and has work included in a permanent collection in a museum in Italy.  Aileen continues to receive recognition for her art.