Marij Bouwmans

1821 Gallery & Studios is pleased to present artist Marij Bouwmans newest work in a show titled “INNUMERABLE CENTERS, THE DUTCH AMERICAN PAINTINGS”. After a decade of making large multi-media installations, Bouwmans is painting again. Since 1989, she has maintained two homes-one in California and one in the Netherlands. Constant travel between the two places has had lasting and profound effects upon her work.

Her new body of work conveys both the fluidity and collapsed movement evoking a sense of instability and impermanence. The purpose of these paintings is not to reproduce the appearance of a mood or to portray a concept painted on canvas, but rather to fixate a fleeting presence.

Marij Bouwmans’ “INNUMERABLE CENTERS, THE DUTCH-AMERICAN PAINTINGS” runs February 3- March 11, 2016. An artist reception will be held Saturday, February 13th, 3-6 PM

Marij Bouwmans rgb

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