Ivana Minafra, Traces of California

Ivana Minafra 61821 Gallery & Studios is pleased to present, Ivana Minafra, a visiting artist from France with ties to Central California. Her latest work inspired by her travels to California is an outsiders perspective of the beauty of our state. Ivana explains her inspiration for this series of 30 paintings;  “As soon as I landed my very first european foot on this ground, I immediately sensed the energy, the warmth, the light, like a veil had been removed from before my eyes.  These short lines perfectly describe the feeling that has been at the origin of my work during the last fourteen months, since my visit in May 2015. Upon my return to France, I started working feverishly, like all my Californian visions had still to be digested and elaborated. I will be presenting at 1821 a series of 25 paintings, mostly oil on canvas, entirely painted between May 2015 and July 2016 and never shown before.  As always, my work considers everyday life and sceneries, urban landscapes and interiors, always bathed into a silent, peaceful light.”

Ivana Minafra’s whole artwork is named “verso la luce” (“toward the light” in English), the sun light being the common point of all her paintings. Ordinary images, roads, entrance halls, parked cars, buildings, public swimming pools… things apparently void of any beauty or interest, on which the eye never stops. They represent for her quietness and charm when they are revealed by sunlight. Technically, she follows the principal of least effort, thus employing the minimum means of expressiveness and pictorial.

Born in Genoa (Italy) in 1971, formed at the Linguistic Fine Arts Academy, Ivana Minafra has her first solo show in Genoa in 1998 supported by the former Director of the Academy, and internationally known artist, Raimondo Sirotti. She then pursued her research of a personal style and inspiration until her move to France in 2003 where she participates in several important art events, like the “Salon díautomne de Paris” in 2006/2007 or the “Salon de Mai de Paris” in 2008 and many others like “Vivart Albi” in 2012, until the latest and still ongoing “Vagabondages” at Stacklír Gallery in Champane-Ardenne. She also exhibited her artwork in Luxembourg and Italy, both in collective and personal shows, at the prestigious Satura RDV in June 2016. Ivana Minafra is  a referenced artist at Cridart Gallery (Metz-France), Stacklír Gallery (Sedan France) and Galleria Adriatica Divisione Arte (Bari- Italy).

Her work will be showcased in 2017 in Washington DC, at the American Initiative for Italian Culture.

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