David Samuels

1821 Gallery is thrilled to present Fragments in a Paracosm, the latest showcase of dynamic and bold paintings by Central California born artist David Samuels. For almost a decade Samuels has constructed a subject matter in his art with the key focus on concepts of transformation and metamorphosis. In this new body of work that he has been creating for the last three years he leads his audience through an opened ended exploration in a world where visual narratives become an intriguing experience for the viewer. The method of exercising... Read the Rest →


Dal Henderson

Artist Statement My work is not only about the product, but about the process to reach that end. The differences that occur between one completed piece and another are a result of constant decision making. I deal with materials as honestly as possible, seeking to develop cohesive surfaces. Making a painting starts with a trip to the lumber yard to buy wood, glue, screws, nails and staples for the stretcher bars which I make to stretch the canvas onto. A table saw is used to cut the wood. Canvas is ordered... Read the Rest →


Michael Garcia

Mixed media artist Michael Garcia is returning to 1821 Gallery & Studios with his new exhibition. This outstanding body of work will be exhibited from April 4 thru May 11.  Garcia will be showing 11 new pieces. He creates richly textured works on panels with a process that involves building up layers of paint then tearing them down by scraping, sanding, burning, to reveal a surface that has the abused and weathered quality of an object damaged by time. Garcia’s work reflects his immersion in Japanese culture and aesthetic, from... Read the Rest →


Kevin Stewart-Magee

1821 Gallery & Studios is proud to present the impressionistic oil paintings of Fresno City College Painting Instructor Kevin Stewart – Magee. This work is about time, history and memory; forces and influences that are as invisible as the wind, seen best in their effect. None of these objects or places were new, working or occupied, at the time they were painted. For a moment they were quiet performances of light and shadow. Perhaps a cycle of conception, function, retirement and abandonment runs quietly, slowly beneath the surface of our... Read the Rest →


Keith Lindberg

1821 Gallery & Studios is thrilled to have internationally known and accomplished Carmel artist Keith Lindberg exhibiting January 3 – February 16. It is hard to classify Lindberg’s style. He has trouble describing it. He came out of art school painting abstract because it was the 1950’s and that’s what was happening, but when he came to Carmel in the 60’s he started painting what appealed to him. It took years to hone his craft, but eventually he developed his own distinct style- -a colorful contemporary combination of abstract and... Read the Rest →


Ivana Minafra

French artist Ivana Minafra is returning to 1821 Gallery & Studios for her second show as a featured artist. Profondeurs is the title of the new show. Minafra was born in Genoa, Italy and has been living and working in Bar le Duc, France since 2003. She has been painting for 25 years. A friendship with local artist Leslie Batty and Batty’s association with 1821 Gallery & Studios resulted in Minafra’s successful 2016 show, Traces of California. Ivana describes her process and the meaning of this show; Every human being is an evolving process. Artists... Read the Rest →


Frank Arnold

Thursday, September 6, 2018, the new season for ArtHop is kicking off at 1821 Gallery with the paintings and bronze sculpture of international abstract figurative artist and ArtHop co-founder, Frank Arnold. Along with the showing of original work will be a book signing throughout the evening by Arnold of his two volumes. His first book, “Frank Arnold Painting & Sculpture,” tells the story of his life and journey on the way to becoming an internationally celebrated artist, from his earliest memories to the present. His second book, “Your Creative imagination... Read the Rest →


Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen Pen & Brush exhibition at 1821 Gallery Doug Hansen was born in Fresno, CA and comes from an artistic family. He has loved making pictures from the time he was a child. He received his BA and MA in art from Fresno State. His early work was as a cartoonist and self-published underground comic book artist. Hansen was a Fresno Bee newsroom artist for 22 years and is remembered for his Fresno Sketchbook feature drawings. Hansen was privileged to return to his alma mater and art department as a full-time... Read the Rest →


Nick Potter Peter Janzen

1821 Gallery is pleased to present, Spaces of Desire, Architectural Paintings by Nick Potter and Peter Janzen. Since first meeting at Fresno State in 2007, Potter and Janzen, despite having very different backgrounds and influences, have pursued similar themes in their depictions of modernist architecture. Nick Potter’s paintings use architecture as a prism to examine symbols of power and propaganda. His idealized, pseudo-utopias are often highly seductive. On the surface, the architectural elements and furniture are symbols of success, however as one contemplates the ideal further, we become aware that... Read the Rest →


Maxine Olson It’s all about sex

1821 Gallery & Studios will be exhibiting the work of MAXINE OLSON February 21– March 31. The show is titled It’s All About Sex and explores human sexuality and relationships, along with social commentary, in a series of 9 oil paintings. In her artist statement Olson says, “From the very beginning, human nature in all its stages has been the basis for creating my work. People’s attitudes, biases, prejudices and the way they look, act and feel, both culturally, spiritually, and sexually have provided the content for my paintings, drawings... Read the Rest →


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