ENSO by Michael Garcia, February-March 2013



Archetype of Wholeness

New work by Michael Garcia

1821 Gallery & Studios proudly presents new work by Michael Garcia. The exhibition entitled, Enso: Archetype of Wholeness, opens Thursday February 7th with an ArtHop reception from 5-8 PM. This outstanding body of work will be featured for two months, February and March, with an artist reception to be held Saturday, February 9th from 4-8 PM and an additional ArtHop reception March 7th from 5-8 PM.

Michael Garcia creates richly textured works on panel. His process involves building up layers of paint then tearing them down by scraping, sanding, and burning, to reveal a surface that has the abused and weathered quality of an object damaged by time.

Garcia’s work reflects his immersion in Japanese culture and aesthetic, from ten years spent living and working in Japan. But, it also mirrors the strength and character of the valley, echoing the worn and rust soaked boards of Garcia’s grandmother’s home in Madera, a place that now only exists in memory.

In Enso, Garcia further explores the circle and exposes the wealth of character that has made his work so enigmatic and beloved.

“As a symbol, the circle expresses the totality of our being. Whether in sun worship ceremonies, in mythological stories, or in religious art, the circle points to the most vital aspect of our existence—its ultimate wholeness. Throughout the ages and in widely differing cultures, from Stone Age communities to technologically advanced societies the circle has always evoked feelings of calm and completeness. In his commentaries on our collective unconscious, Carl Jung referred to the circle as the “archetype of wholeness.”   —John Daido Loori

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