De Anda & Murphy Show, May 2013


1821 Gallery & Studios will be showcasing the work of artists Carolyn DeAnda and Michael T. Murphy during the month of May.

DeAndaʼs exhibition titled “Retro Fresno-Remembering and Era” is an alternate media photography process utilizing digital composition and digital fine art pigment transfers to fine art papers, metals and other non-traditional substrates. This current effort is one of enhancing and documenting the design and form of many neon markers from a bygone era where we were invited to dine, dance, sleep or fuel up on our way.

Michael T. Murphy body of work is titled “Precision As A Medium”. Murphy is a fine art metalworks artist who used methods ranging from old world to modern to create his unique sculptures. Working in machining and fabrication he has refined his skills over a 30-year period. Choosing steel as a medium of choice, he has been influenced knowing that it is the most recycled material on earth. He feels comfortable working with materials and methods that are thought of as hard and cold, with the confidence that he can bring forward a softness and beauty. In this show, careful consideration was given to each piece in design, structure, assembly and final form. So much that he considers this “Precision As A Medium”.


This exhibition runs from May 2- June 1, 2013.

Art Hop; Thursday, May 2, 5-8.

Artist reception: Saturday, May 4, 5-8 PM

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