David Samuels

1821 Gallery is thrilled to present Fragments in a Paracosm, the latest showcase of dynamic and bold paintings by Central California born artist David Samuels.

For almost a decade Samuels has constructed a subject matter in his art with the key focus on concepts of transformation and metamorphosis. In this new body of work that he has been creating for the last three years he leads his audience through an opened ended exploration in a world where visual narratives become an intriguing experience for the viewer. The method of exercising mixed media techniques, along with the influences of creating the unknown has always been the driving force behind his paintings. It’s a powerful orchestrated interaction that sets a direction to embody a motion to provoke the elevation of a calming meditative state. 

Fragments in a Paracosm is described from the artist as “A collection of an honest energy comprised with tattered visions showing glimpses of a world where color, language, and spirits scrimmage for an identity.” Samuels plays his role in a new generation of artist that practice their expressionism through abstract forms. He has carefully carved his forte to be at its prime. Demonstrating a keen awareness of his surroundings, the artist creates a surreal atmosphere filled with mystery and structural integrity. His aim is to be able to create and implement conversations that can hold bold qualities that the onlooker may want to share through an open avenue of communication. It is a unique experience when searching for a concept that may be difficult to explain with words, it’s a healthy separation between the thinking mind and the observing mind. The viewer might find themselves surprised with more curiosity as they dive into the several layers of paint that hold a special significance that they hold within.

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