Dal Henderson

Artist Statement

My work is not only about the product, but about the process to reach that end. The differences that occur between one completed piece and another are a result of constant decision making. I deal with materials as honestly as possible, seeking to develop cohesive surfaces.

Making a painting starts with a trip to the lumber yard to buy wood, glue, screws, nails and staples for the stretcher bars which I make to stretch the canvas onto. A table saw is used to cut the wood. Canvas is ordered and delivered to the house. Next I cut, stretch and prime the canvas. I mention these steps to show the nuts and bolts of art making. My work reflects an interest in finding color relationships which take shape by moving paint around on the canvas. The visual information is very often a surprise and mistakes can be used to further push toward the discovery of new ways to make a picture

My primary goal is to make art that is both closed and open. The art is closed when the surface seems complete. It remains open because it doesn’t necessarily deal with representational imagery. It is its own image, its own idea, and there are questions that haven’t been answered. The end result of my art making is that I have a fragment of reality. It is a piece of something I can hold on to.

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