Adam Longatti Obscura

ADAM LONGATTI “OBSCURA” OCTOBER 4- NOVEMBER 11 ARTIST RECEPTION: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7TH 5-8 PM ART HOP, OCTOBER 5TH  & NOVEMBER 2ND 1821 Gallery & Studios is excited to be presenting a completely new body of work by local artist and instructor Adam Longatti titled “Obscura”. This collection is a resonance of experiences gleamed from his life experiences in the Central Valley of California. Some paintings are imagined without visual references; some are from direct observation and physical experience; and some are a combination of both. But each has a non-direct... Read the Rest →


Peggy Jelmini Below The Clouds

1821 Gallery & Studios is delighted to welcome back Peggy Jelmini. The award winning local artist has enjoyed critical & commercial success throughout her career and these 16, never before exhibited pieces, certainly reflect her talents. “Being inspired by the shear beauty and uniqueness of the scenery and the landscape of our valley has been something inherit in my challenge to express feelings on canvas. Beyond the physical characteristics of the landscape there is something hopeful in a sunset of colors capturing it’s fleeting magic at the end of the... Read the Rest →


Dale Oftedal

For February ArtHop, February 2nd, 1821 Gallery & Studios will be featuring the explosive and colorful work  of  Dale Oftedal. Oftedal has a Masters in Fine Arts and has taught at West Hills college in Coalinga and Fresno State University. He has worked for CBS-TV New York doing corporate design and was Assistant Art Director for the New York Herald Tribune newspaper Sunday Magazine “NEW YORK”. His artwork is in many public and private collections around the world.   Tweet


Larry Hill, Story Lines

“Story Lines,” an exhibit of new paintings by abstract expressionist Larry Hill, will be on display from Oct.15-Nov. 12, at 1821 Gallery & Studios, 1821 Calaveras Street, in the Downtown Arts District. Artist reception will be held from 4-9 p.m. Oct. 15. Hill helped establish Fresno Art Independent Group and was awarded first prize a number of times in the annual San Joaquin Valley Art Invitational. After being accepted into the Los Angeles Art Institute, he exhibited at the Martin Janis Gallery in Los Angeles and the famed Sidney Janis... Read the Rest →


Ivana Minafra, Traces of California

1821 Gallery & Studios is pleased to present, Ivana Minafra, a visiting artist from France with ties to Central California. Her latest work inspired by her travels to California is an outsiders perspective of the beauty of our state. Ivana explains her inspiration for this series of 30 paintings;  “As soon as I landed my very first european foot on this ground, I immediately sensed the energy, the warmth, the light, like a veil had been removed from before my eyes.  These short lines perfectly describe the feeling that has been at... Read the Rest →


Scharnick & Blair

GEORGE BLAIR “HIDDEN IMAGES”. This exhibition is collaboration between painter Cedric Wentworth and photographer George Y. Blair. Beginning with oil-on-canvas paintings performed by Wentworth, Blair, the engineer turned fine art photographer, has produced micro-vignettes and turned them into powerful monuments of abstract expressionist art. The digital images produced by Blair, are the culmination of a more than sixty-year artistic love affair with post-war Bay Area art. It was not until several decades later that Blair began collecting many of the works by artists that he had admired. Blair’s deep personal... Read the Rest →


The Collection

THE COLLECTION is a new, full-length play about Peggy Guggenheim, famous collector of modern art.  Her collection, acquired between 1938 and 1965, now resides in her former home in Venice, Italy; it is a world-renown museum. THE COLLECTION presents thirty-four brief, critical episodes in the life of Peggy Guggenheim.  Ms. Guggenheim was a fascinating and colorful character.  She was married several times, became friends with a vast assortment of American and European writers and painters, subsidized Emma Goldman so the activist could write her memoires, had an affair with playwright... Read the Rest →


Peggy Jelmini, Valley Colors

1821 Gallery & Studios will be exhibiting the largest solo show of Peggy Jelmini’s career VALLEY COLORS May 4th thru June 12th. This award winning local artist has enjoyed critical and commercial success throughout her career and her latest work reflects this. Growing up and residing in the heart of California has helped her draw inspiration from reflecting on our Central Valley agriculture and landscapes. “I enjoy the variety of shapes, orchards, and vineyards that sprawl across California. The difference in viewpoints gives me special inspiration that I aim to display... Read the Rest →


A Teal-Rose Dress for Valerie

Friday is the closing reception for Leslie Batty, Everyday Stages, 5-8PM. Leslie will be donating the proceeds from “A Teal-Rose Dress for Valerie” to her dear friend Valerie Bender who continues to fight advanced stage breast cancer. Tickets to win this artwork are available for $25. The reception will be dedicated to a dear friend and fellow art lover, Valerie Bender, who is succumbing to her battle against breast cancer. A longtime supporter of the arts, Valerie Bender has enriched the culture of our community through her dedication to quality... Read the Rest →


Marij Bouwmans

1821 Gallery & Studios is pleased to present artist Marij Bouwmans newest work in a show titled “INNUMERABLE CENTERS, THE DUTCH AMERICAN PAINTINGS”. After a decade of making large multi-media installations, Bouwmans is painting again. Since 1989, she has maintained two homes-one in California and one in the Netherlands. Constant travel between the two places has had lasting and profound effects upon her work. Her new body of work conveys both the fluidity and collapsed movement evoking a sense of instability and impermanence. The purpose of these paintings is not... Read the Rest →


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