Bielat/Garcia, February 2014

Returning this February for a duo exhibition at 1821 Gallery & Studios are two of itʼs most successful and popular artists, Bibi Bielat & Michael Garcia. Both artists work in unique mediums all unto their own, Bielat in metal paints and Garcia in wood and mixed media, bringing a totally original style and beauty to their work.

Bielat enjoys the uncertainty of exploring the characteristics of surfaces and decay. Her work is process art, she manipulates the iron, copper and bronze metal paints and the patina/rust acids to create works that are heavily layered and textured. Being a Southern California native she is naturally drawn to the sea. While her work is abstract and each viewer has his or her own interpretation, for her, her work is representational of the convergence of earth and sky, distinguished by a pronounced horizon line that is present in most of her paintings.

Garcia creates richly textured works on panel. His process involves building up layers of paint then tearing them down by scraping, sanding, and burning, to reveal a surface that has the abused and weathered quality of an object damaged by time. His work reflects his immersion in Japanese culture and aesthetic, from ten years spent living and working in Japan. Garciaʼs work mirrors the strength and character of the valley and also explores his own wealth of character that has made his work so enigmatic and beloved.

This exhibition emerged between the artists out of a mutual admiration for each others work and love of process art, found objects, and travel experiences. The show will open on Wednesday February 5, with an opening reception at ArtHop on Thursday, February 6 from 5-8PM. The artists will host an open to the public reception on Saturday, February 8 from 5-9PM.




open house from noon – 6:00PM

Contrasting in subject matter and medium, Bielat and Garcia both achieve a tranquility in their art through texture and layers. Their work has depth, color and interest that appears altered by time and nature. Bielat’s abstract landscapes and seascapes and Garcia’s Asian inspired, wooden artwork have been featured in many prominent homes and businesses across California. For the first time, these acclaimed Central Valley artists, are exhibiting side-by-side. 1821 Gallery & Studios would like to introduce you to their work and invite you to the gallery for wine and refreshments.

Bibi Bielat and Michael Garcia at 1821 Gallery and Studios, Fresno Art Gallery, Interior Designers Reception

Bibi Bielat and Michael Garcia at 1821 Gallery and Studios, Fresno Art Gallery, Interior Designers Reception

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