Aileen Imperatrice ::selective memory::, June 2013

1821 Gallery is pleased to present Aileen Imperatrice’s series of completely new work entitled “::selective memory::”. With this new series Imperatrice makes the statement “What our minds remembers, in dreams and reality, is mostly selective, oftentimes protective”. Aileen says; “with this series, I allowed myself to completely embrace my intuitive nature, giving myself the opportunity to apply line and color as I felt it, connecting with a truly fluid process in my work.”

Aileen Imperatrice has always shown an interest in art, creating work as a child from whatever materials she could find. As she grew, she sought out art classes and continued her focus through her study at California State University, Fresno, graduating with a B.A. in Art/Design. Since 1999 Imperatrice has exhibited her work in galleries and sold to collectors. Throughout the years, Imperatrice’s work has taken a decidedly more personal turn and has allowed the public to become familiar with her life experiences. Imperatrice’s art is symbolic and introspective. Her most recent works have been in series reflecting on memories, transitions and rituals.Aileen-Imperatrice-postcard

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